Explaining the Sustainable Oceans Lab

About The Lab

The Lab is now hosted by Reos Partners who works in partnership with others to design and deliver collaborative, systemic, and experimental approaches in order to advance sustainable oceans.

The Founding Partners of the Sustainable Oceans Lab were the Global Leadership Academy, Reos Partners, and Blue Solutions.

Lab Methodology

Using systemic, creative, experimental approaches to advance ocean sustainability

About the Lab

The Sustainable Oceans Lab is a social lab. It is built on the idea that just as we have scientific and technical labs to address our scientific and technical challenges, we need social labs to address our socio-economic and political challenges.

The types of activities that the Sustainable Oceans Lab engages in have several qualities in common. They: 

  • Bring together diverse actors
  • Generate systemic understanding
  • Foster collaboration
  • Enable creativity and experimentation
  • Are participatory

Current Offerings: 

The types of activities that the Sustainable Ocean Lab develops and implements with partners include: 

  • Transformative Scenarios Processes
  • Social Innovation Labs 
  • Knowledge exchanges Learning Journeys
  • Accelerators
  • Courses and Trainings
  • Coaching and accompaniment