Sustainable Oceans Lab Overview

The Sustainable Oceans Lab represents a new strategic response to the challenge of ensuring our marine eco- systems are sustainable. The purpose of The Sustainable Oceans Lab is to address the question:

How can we work together to enhance the sustainable management of our marine ecosystems globally?

The Lab is built on the idea that just as we have scientific and technical labs to address our scientific and technical challenges, we need social labs to address our socio-economic and political challenges.
The Sustainable Oceans Lab will focus its efforts on an action-orientated, emergent strategy. The Lab proposes to take an approach of disciplined experimentation. This means taking a portfolio based approach towards the challenge of ocean ecosystem sustainability. Instead of developing a single, linear plan, inside a single institution, we propose to support a portfolio of initiatives and efforts across multiple institutions and geographies.

These initiatives will be tested with the wider oceans community in order to assess probabilities of success. The Lab will build on efforts that are working and where a gap is identified new efforts will be prototyped.

Key to this Lab strategy is bringing together a diverse team and taking an experimental approach orientated to supporting and discovering solutions that address our challenge systemically, at the level of root causes.